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  • 11th Oct, 2017

Vimpex Finance Group review: Fraud, Cheat, Scam, Mobs!!!

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  • Reporter TIONOLITOR

Well, I don’t really know where to start. I was scammed. Very badly, as it turned out later. I was scammed by the Russian mafia. I needed funding to start my business and it was pretty hard to find someone who would invest in my company, as you may know, being a startup, it is not easy. I went through several sites, several investors but none of them were willing to fund my firm.

I was pretty upset and desperate so I jumped at the first deal that I was offered. It was Vimpex Finance Group. Initially, I was not aware of the big number of suspicious signs and things that I should have noticed for the first time preventing myself from this scam.

I was young and eager to start my new business to make a lot of money. I had some money to fund the start but I didn’t have the money to jump into the real business. I found Vimpex Finance Group and we started to chat through email about the investment they could offer.

They asked for an executive summary but not the full business plan. It was a little strange for me as all the previous investors had asked for my business plan including my funding history and all the little details. But I was happy to forego that as well. I was amazed what a great and nice company it was. They give me money despite the fact that I am new on the market and they don’t even need all the information, no paperwork from my side, no special needs! Was I lucky or what!

I sent them my summary and the response arrived in some days. I was told that I had to get the funds, but some cost may apply. I had no problem with that and I was happy that they were ready to fund.

The next day, I got a new email. They told me that they had separated the money for my funding BUT at first, I had to transfer them the attorney fees, and who knows what kind of fees they required from me. I didn’t get all the money they required but I got money from my uncle to pay for the fees. I wasn’t worried. I thought I was going to pay my uncle from the fund from Vimpex Finance Group.

Yeah…they pulled out a lot of money from me and from my uncle. They took away ALL my money. They bankrupted me and I had about a million debts on me. I was cheated. I was scammed.

Vimpex Finance Group is a fraud company. It turned out that this Vimpex Finance Group is not an investment company but they are the Russian mafia. They also threatened a guy they had previously scammed to revoke all the bad reviews and the complaint he’d made or they were going to “deal” with him.

I also found an email conversation which is extremely similar to the conversation they had with me. They used the same cheating tactics and the same lies with all the victims. The guy was told to pay $140000 for the attorney fee; he was asked to pay $9000 attorney fee etc.


I was literally shocked on reading all that crap. I realized that I had to stand up and warn all of you, potential victims, to avoid this cheater; to avoid Vimpex Finance Group!!! 

The guy was cheated with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was cheated “only” with $20000. Vimpex Finance Group cheated a lot of people with a lot of money and we have to stand up and take legal steps against them! Don’t be threatened by them.

Now, I don’t know what to do; I don’t know where to start. The only thing I know is that I want my money back. I have to pay back my uncle Joe. I have to stand up and start my business. You have to stand up, too! If you were cheated, please contact me and let’s stop these criminals!

In the emails, they claim millions from people. They ask for attorney fee; they ask for ridiculously named fees that other REAL investors would never ever ask for. Real investors don’t even mention them.

They are false and they are dangerous. We must stop them! Below, I attach a screenshot of an email where they are requesting personal information and banking details. Have a look on it.

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