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Career down the drain: Can you afford it?

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Hi guys! I am Eric Nolton, an agent with Grass Roots financial operating out of Manchester. I got sucked into this whirlwind on a recommendation from one of my close buddies who claimed to have made millions by becoming Grass Roots’ agent and having grown manifold in last so many years.

Recently lot of bad stuff has come out of the cupboard about the ownership of the Co and the way the Co. operates to fund some other business. I was sort of a bit scared as my commissions were getting stuck & there were actually no signs of them paid off. It has ruined my life! I’ve been trying to get my commissions.

This Co has been giving false assurances to its potential reps. there were about 40 of them who were brainwashed about the status. I now dread to go to people and talk good things about this Co as numerous complaints are piling on about the way these guys run their business. To add to this, the Co is running into losses. Last year, the company made a loss of about 12,000!!!

Am now seriously thinking of quitting this Co. have been suffering financial losses as an outcome of placing business. This Co. has been fooling around leaving its partners nowhere !!! I have to get rid of the scams they are playing with us!

I am always leading a hand to mouth existence and haggling with the company to pay me my commission. Even though I am a part of the Co, I have been ill-treated and for the last so many months, the payment has not happened. I am sort of on the verge of going penniless. And helpless as I have many clients. I am answerable to all…

Now that MoJ (Ministry of Justice) is investigating, I am sure that lot of dark secrets would come tumbling out of the cupboard and would open the eyes of reps and consumers equally. I am sure that to this date, there would be hundreds of complaints regarding unpaid commissions and unfair dismissals.

I am anyways switching my job to be sound and safe to deal with. But I would advise you guys from dealing with Grass Root’s financial as their credentials is not established and probably you would end up losing money rather than making some. Guys with family, please avoid becoming rep of this company.

Though my take is that if MoJ comes true with their investigation, it might come as a relief for 1000’s of investors and reps like me alike as either the Co would be asked to shut down or streamline their operation under stringent guidelines. As of now, please stay away from these fraudsters or scamsters whatever you prefer calling them and do not place your business with them.

Request & recommend you all to take a leaf out of my story and do your research properly before placing your business with any Co for that matter sake!

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