Grass Roots Financial Ltd. Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK

  • 1st Oct, 2017

Grass Root’s Financial – A perfect recipe for financial disaster

  • Report #5YCIK
  • Reporter ONEWIGNORT

This is John Wyatt currently based out of Nebraska. I recently got royally cheated by Grass Root’s Financial. False promises by these assholes made my uncle’s life miserable and deplorable. So much so that he had to sell off his valuables, mortgage his apartment and literally live on borrowed money.

I joined Grass Root’s Financial on 1st September 2008 with lot of hopes and promises made by the Co. on returns & commissions. Bloody, so many years have passed and I and other agents have not received any commission so far. Every time, the due date approached, we were only promised to be paid and till the end we were paid nothing.

The only option left is to bring into sight my plight to everyone’s notice and lodge a complaint with the concerned authorities to at least some sense of dignity to me. These bloody assholes have just vanished with their false promises. Their way of operating is very doubtful and weird.

Last heard, these rascals were dubiously operating under 2 different Co names under management of a husband-wife team of cheats. One Company’s profits were being used to operate another Co. That’s just the reason why the reps have never made money due to financial irregularities. One of the unfortunate victim being me! Still not able to recover the fact that I have been duped!

Guys, just search for complaints online, you will find internet filled with complaints against these scums. I hope folks my complaint with the authorities is heard and I get back my money soon from those bastards. I genuinely want to restore my uncle’s peace of mind, and am looking out for some peace of mind...of my own too!

Hell a lot of complaints are against these guys and they have duped around millions of $$$’s. these guys are in the run failing to pay commissions to hundreds of reps like me.

Just stay away from any dealing with these slime balls. They are just out there to get your money. Do not ever become their rep or deal with them in any ways. They themselves do not know what they are doing. They seem to be in hiding. Just hoping that criminals like Grass Root’s Financial are caught red-handed and serve their lives behind the bars with parole. Better get paid high commissions in other Companies

Please check for all the records online before entering into any deal guys. You never know which corner the danger is lurking. Do proper research before taking that plunge. It’s a bad world out there people! Am one of those so many people whose life came to a standstill, thanks to these motherfuckers who eat people’s hard earned money.

I know it is a little tedious to read through the fine print with almost illegible font. But do it guys before accepting any deal. It saves you from so many unforeseen disasters. I hope no one falls into the bung-hole like I did. May they be served justice from the law soon!

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