Global Intergold London, London, UK

  • 27th Jun, 2018

Scam. No way of getting your deposit back...its gone.

  • Report #5YD38
  • Reporter RODESCROWE

I was introduced into this Ponzi scheme a year ago thinking there is transparency and truth here.

I have introduced 2 more people and when we are unable to promote this business further, I requested for our initial deposits and was met by some impossible answers, which was to pay in 7000 Euros each to get our deposits back.

I had a trail of message exchange with the customer service but they just keep replying and quoting some terms and conditions, saying i did not buy any gold with my investment but i rather deposited into a 7000 Euro scheme which I must complete.

I have asked them to categorically state that I have lost my money to them and they are being dodgy with the response.

This should not be allowed in England. For them to have an office in England they should be regulated by FSCS.

No investment should be made compulsory in this time and era.


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