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  • 7th Oct, 2017

Feel free to invest with OptioNow only if you have the luxury of never seeing your money again!

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As per the company website, “OptioNow was founded by a group of capital market dealers with dozens of year’s expertise in both online and offline trading. They founded OptioNow to offer the excitement and profit making potential of binary options trading in an easy to use, top quality platform.” This is all BULL SHIT. It is their way of robbing people’s money!!!

On my friend’s recommendation, I signed up with OptioNow in January 2015. I began with an initial investment of $300. The next day, I received a phone call from OptioNow. Mr. Dean Johnson spoke to me and coaxed me to add more money so that I could earn more. Without a second thought, I invested another $1700 in this account. It was a Friday and a busy day for me, so I didn’t bother to trade on this account nor did I do any research about the company.

During the weekend, I researched about OptioNow and learnt that a lot of people had a bad experience with this company. I resolved to close my account lest I lose all my money!!! So I emailed OptioNow to close my account and to refund my funds at the earliest. I didn’t receive any email response or phone call. They realised that they could not cheat me, so they took charge over my account and began trading recklessly, without even asking for my authorization!!! They make unauthorized trades and lose all your money. Later in the day, when I checked my account, the balance was ZERO!!!

Don’t get fooled by their awesome jibe. Review all your options before you opt for OptioNow.

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