Roger Bramble London, London, UK

  • 13th Jan, 2017


  • Report #5YCN8
  • Reporter ARIOUGHNUR

I am Eric, head of the extracurricular committee of Chadwick School, Calif.

Roger Bramble (if that is his real name) came to our school pretending as deputy Lord lieutenant sent by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


He and his con man friend Robert bone pulled the act of inviting the band of our school to perform in the New year eve’s parade in London in the coming year and presented to us an invitation for the same. They said they visit places where the queen herself can’t and that she might be present at the time of performance.


 For our band to be a part of the prestigious ceremony where 185 other bands would be performing, we were expected to raise a fund of around 2,00,000 and had to travel with the agency they recommended.

We were thrilled and honored at first until we realized that this whole is a scam plotted by the 2 frauds. Their plan was to loot us through the inflated travel expenses of the travel agency they apparently own themselves. They had no relation with the queen whatsoever and were no royalty.

The gig played really well I say but these crooks need to be settled in the calif. cell. They have been running the same scam since over a decade looting money from numerous schools like ours. We have complained against them in FBI and the investigation has started.

Please do not fall a prey to these shit head fraudsters!


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