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  • 12th Oct, 2017

Trade Rush Binary Options DO NOT DO what they promise - Cheaters!!!

  • Report #5YCAT
  • Reporter ATINCHAMIN

Trading binary options means you make a prediction on the direction an asset will trade at a later date, either up (Call) or down (Put). Trade Rush Binary Options claims that you don’t need to have trading experience to have an account and the account can be opened for as little as $250. So I deposited $250 with them. The first two days, I found myself making decent gains. But after that, my nightmare began.

I went on losing money in various trades. I called them and inquired about what’s going on with my account. The broker at the desk told me that there are risks involved in this business and to wait a couple of days. He also insisted that I deposit another $3,500 to continue getting service on my account. I argued with him saying that they are not able to preserve my capital, how can I trust them with more money!!! Then he began to negotiate and started telling me to add $2,000 more. I clearly told him that I have no more money to invest. These crooks are so hard-hearted that they are not bothered about protecting your money.

He kept on repeating his mugged up pitch and said that he cannot assist me if I don’t pay up. “Bloody Extortionists” would be the best moniker for them. I did not trust them anymore; so I decided to let them waste my $250 and leave for good. However, if anyone knows how to recover my money from them, please email me. Trade Rush is not a regulated broker… BEWARE!!!

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