Rebecca Husselbee London, United Kingdom, UK

  • 4th Jun, 2019

Sun Employee Rebecca Husselbee is a racist.

  • Report #5YD9H
  • Reporter BRAICELDET

An employee at The Sun, Rebecca Husselbee has sexually harrassed Muslim women. Racist coward Rebecca Husselbee has been exposed. Rebecca Husselbee's has repeatedly attempted and failed to cover up her racism but you can see her vile racism in the links provided. (Proof of Rebecca Husselbee's racism) (Rebecca Husselbee's current Twitter account).


Rebecca Husselbee's email address is [email protected] please feel free to let racist Rebecca Husselbee know that her racism is vile and contemptible.


[email protected]  This is the editor of The Sun Tony Gallagher please contact him to let him know he has a racist Rebecca Husselbee working there.

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