CEO. Jeff Sills Park Holidays UK UK

  • 11th Nov, 2018
  • $14,500 Reported Loss

Dissabled OAP Evicted from his home for standing up for his rights, His home taken with all its goods,

  • Report #5YD46
  • Reporter CISITENSYC

In 2012 I was a HGV lorry driver and whilst away all week I lived in a Mobile Home 36 foot 

three bedrooms  That I had aquired whilst away working for wich I paid £ 3,500. in 2013 I had an accident whilst at work falling from a 40 foot trailor that ripped my cartlidge and damaged my right hip. I was advised That I could retire early and so I did,

My son and I had a large trailor that they asked to use to deliver gas bottles around the site at Felixstowe,

After three years they still had not paid for the trailor . So I went to the small claims court and

they decided to pay for it this was in 2015, they sent around three of there staff at around 1800pm in Febuary of this month and shut off my electricity gas and water , So I had no heating or lights . I had to live in my car with my old dog . When they cut off the electric they cut off the burgler alarm and it was broken into , the police could not do anything with finger prints ect as there were to many as the mobile home had been left open, My youngest son got me a flat when he found out what had gone on,

I Took them to court but the told lie after lie and then said the mobile home had been auctiond with its goods. Thats TORT regulations ,they said the owner was paid for the mobile home and its goods More lies So I lost everything due to this company , I now have three ex employees who have written there thoughts on Park Holidays actions ,

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