Archer Crown

  • 22nd Jul, 2018
  • $15,000 Reported Loss

Beware! They WILL Lie and Deceive!

  • Report #5YCXE
  • Reporter NGLEVVENCE

Beware! They WILL Lie and Deceive!

Rating: 1 out of 5Reported Loss = $15,000.00

I have been lied to several times by this company. I have grown to distrust anything that has been said to me by them.

I purchased a property to have renovated and rented out by this company. I was told that I would receive a quote for repairs the wednesday (2/3/16) after I met with them (1/30/16) at the property. I did not receive anything until 2/16/16. I was told on 3/9/16 that the property would be 100% completed by week three of march.

Today is the 22nd of April and the property still is not complete. I have however paid the final payment because I was under the understanding that the property was completed. I was told several times that there were tenants ready to move in on a friday a couple of weeks ago. I have no tenants in the property.

I have found out that they have not been making a concerted effort to get the property rented out rather, they have been using their “back channels”.

George and Ray have not been willing to work with me as the property owner. I would like to work as a team with them however, they have taken an authoritarian stance over my property and will not even allow me to have a say in which tenants make the cut to live in my property.

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