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  • 19th Jun, 2018
  • $75 Reported Loss

Never use this service

  • Report #5YD07
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

I tried to purchase a prepaid service so I could receive calls from a loved one in County jail. I purchased an unlimited monthly plan with inmate call solutions for $29.99 and also an extra $20.00 for activation within the hour. They also charged $6.00 here and there for a total of $74.00 and some cents.

It has been two days now and there service has yet to work. There is no way to call them so I sent an email to ever department they give you the option to email. They finally after about 15 emails tried to contact me but like there service didn’t work neither did there phone call to me. They do not refund so before the purchase was even taken off my card I asked them to cancel it before it could be processed or at least if they could finally get it to work to take off the extra $20.00 they charged me for 1 hour activation I paid almost as much for the “quick activation” as I did for the call plan itself!

They have yet to fix anything or help me I since have had to purchase a whole different prepaid plan from a different company I didn’t get one I’m sorry for your inconvenience nor an apology nor a phone call! I have never had this much trouble or headache with any other company. Until you have been there you will never understand what it’s like to get a call from a loved one who has no idea what it’s like to be in trouble and very scared and to not be able to comfort them and tell them your there and they will be ok! I’m so upset and I have yet to get any type of sympathy I was instead called a lier because there “tech team” which is obviously incompetent tested it and it apparently is fine for them when I can’t even receive a call from the tech team to myself!

Never ever use this service please I’m trying to save people the same frustration, feeling of being robbed, and helplessness I feel!"

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