Avas Flowers

  • 15th Jun, 2018
  • $67 Reported Loss

Scam artists! - Avas Flowers

  • Report #5YCYT
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT

I ordered flowers to be delivered on 3/11/16. I paid extra for the delivery to be in the morning. They were NEVER delivered. Although, I did get a text that they WERE delivered. When I called to find out why they weren’t delivered , I was told that they couldn’t get into the gated community. NOT TRUE.

My friend notified the guardhouse that they were to be let in. I called on 3/12/16. and then they told me I gave them the wrong address. NOT TRUE! I have the order that they sent me with the correct address. They insisted that they tried to deliver the flowers 3 times. but were not allowed in the gate. The first attempt, I was called by “Gary” who told me that the guardhouse should be notified that the name 1-800 flowers should be given to the guardhouse, because that’s who is delivering the flowers.

My friend gave that name and Avas. And they still couldn’t deliver! Makes no sense. So, I called the company on March 12 at 6pm and demanded a refund. I was told I would get a refund, but have to pay a PENALTY!I am disputing this with my credit card company.

P.S. Customer service called me back and now I have to wait until Monday to see what Avas, the “designer” and me would like to do. Deliver flowers again? I don’t think so. Refund with a “penalty”

No dice."

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