Bassam Mohammed Oueida

  • 3rd Dec, 2017

Money Laundering and Bribery Racket of Lebanese in Saudi Arabia

  • Report #5YCOY
  • Reporter KEEZIAPIDA

Bassam Mohammed Oueida:- Apparently an employee but in actual owner of Saudi Inteltec and many of its subsidiaries. Labanese national and have at least five other African nationalities. Expert in bribery and money laundering.


Essmat Adel Hajar :- Lebanese married to a prominent Saudi figure, got Saudi nationality but skin is still Lebanese. Greedy for power and money. Proxy owner of Bassam’s companies. Essmat enjoys great contacts within high profile Saudi community, mainly because of her late husband.


Soulaf Abdullah Al Malhouk :- Wife of Bassam, having excellent relations in high profile Saudi community. Proxy owner of Bassam’s businesses.


Othman Mohammed Ouieda:- Brother of Bassam, got Saudi nationality with blessing of his father in law. He also has more than five African nationalities.


Rena Al Jasser:- Othman’s wife, opening a many hard closed doors for Bassam and Othman.



Bassam Mohammed Oueida, Lebanese national but having at least five more nationalities, most of them from African Countries. Bassam through his mother in law, wife and brother Othman, is enjoying excellent contacts within high profile people in Saudi. Having access to sensitive data of government, semi government and high-profile people, Bassam is getting great advantage of inside information and turning his fortune to no limits. No other company in Saudi in this field had grown as Bassam’s business grew.


The story begins in 1995 when Bassam was begging for any sort of business to start with. He approached all his relations but didn’t get any material support. Finally, one of his uncle supported him with finance and bank guarantees. Bassam promised his uncle an equal share from outcome but later once he saw huge sums coming, he changed his mind and ended up in a fight with him.


A great struggle which was nothing but to strip off many of his contacts, he managed to acquire money that lead to establish. As a matter of fact, a project like Allo card or Inteltec, was impossible for him as it was something beyond money, he needed approval and many red tape formalities. His mother in law, Essmat Adel Hajar partner him, stood behind him and promised to clear all hurdles. Essmat established contact with Khalid Al Milham and Saud Al Derwish who managed licence for Allo card, it’s needless to say that job was done against heavy stake in Allo card. Only five companies awarded licences to operate in Saudi market and Bassam’s newly established entity was amongst the lucky ones. It wasn’t luck by chance rather luck was purchased. 




Allo card got established in mid 90’s and became base for Bassam. Here started his real dirty game, he established links throughout Africa and brought them into his calling racket. Per legal arrangements, STC was the service provider hence all Allo calls to be routed through STC. Where STC and obviously country should be benefiting from all these monies. Bassam made arrangements with African service provider and established links through his network. African service providers were illegal and charge cheap as compared to STC. People calling through  Allo were using illegal African protocol. For example, at that time STC was charging 10 Riyals for one minutes for an international call hence making 200 Riyal for a twenty minutes call while operators in Batha were charging as little as 40 Riyals for a twenty minutes call. They were hiring African operators for as little as $200 per day and were selling them in the local market, making illegal calls. There wasn’t any way to control this mechanism,  Allo sale was on cash so all collected cash was stored in Bassam’s premises and later was sent abroad. It will be needless to say, it was done through money laundering and other means of illegal transactions. These huge sums of cash were used to pay Africans and rest deposited with banks in Lebanon.   


After making a fortune out of Allo, Bassam sold this business for 500 million as he got indicators that should he stay in same business for long, chances of him being caught were escalating. By that time his team was ready to venture new area and bigger monies. His brother Othman, managed to get Saudi nationality. Everyone knows that getting a Saudi nationality is something close to impossible. This impossible task was done in a week time by father in law of Othman who was working for Saudi Oger in one of their project at Late King Abdullah’s palace.


Entry of smart phones saturated the prepaid card market, Allo together with Salam Card got merged with big companies, leaving only three key players in the market which are STC, Mobily and Zain.


Since beginning of 21st Century, market showed a great appetite for telecommunication, data storage and other related IT businesses. Essmat and Soulaf assured Bassam of their full support should business be moved to IT sector. Bassam knows his in laws and wife can do magic as he saw in  Allo case. He moved Saudi Inteltec to new venture. As usual Essmat & Soulaf brought him deep connections in industry and soon Bassam was awarded with huge contracts. In few years, he was hosting data of big names in market. This is what these people were actually looking for, inside information. They got full access to data of these big names and start playing dirty games by using inside information.


Today Bassam is a rich Labanese who is holding great amount of wealth. His assets not only are in Suadi but he built big empire in Lebanon.  Inteltec is holding sensitive data of Aramco, MOD, and other very important and sensitive entities. While a private company shouldn’t have access to such data or at least would hold such data independently.  This is a great threat to Saudi below are names which can be seen also on Inteltec website. Very sensitive data of these big names is at stake. He has no worry as he claims, is under the Umberalla of very strong Royal family member. He is just making money and transferring it outside Saudi.





·       Bassam is a big showoff

·       He is living in a palace like house

·       Owns a private plane

·       Owns a big boat

·       Showing of as he is someone in the Kingdom who can’t be touched by any authority

·       Inteletc looks as it is like CIA head quarter,

·       Located in an unknown place where normally company headquarters of operations   

are not maintained, Inteltec is run like a CIA branch. 


If there is someone to ask?


·       How he got such fortune?

·       Who he cheated?

·       Who is backing him?

·       How they are doing all that business which is not allowed to non-Saudis?

·       Who gave them license?

·       When he handles sensitive data , no one checks him what he is up to?

·       What Inteltec is actually doing behind this business?

·       How they manage to transfer such huge amounts of monies from Saudi

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