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  • 8th Jun, 2018
  • $118 Reported Loss

Beauty & Manipulate - Beauty & Truth

  • Report #5YCYO
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT

I like other women saw this product on Facebook. You are under the false pretense that when you order this product that it is a one time charge to try the product. No, once they have your credit card info you are on their reoccurring charge list.

I saw my statement and I had been charged $79.95, next charge $98.71, and all total $187.06 for products and fees they tack on. I had ordered on a one time trial basis for $6.95 and $4.95. This is manipulation, and this is how they make their money. Not on honesty and a trial basis, they need to hook you in to get those reoccurring charges, but by the time you realize this your money has been taken. I have put a stop payment with my bank on my debit card, and will never do this again.

It is a ruse, if they were legit then they would not resort to tactics like this, the product would stand alone and you could make the decision yourself to be on their automatic reoccurring charge list by calling them and asking for the product after the trial. It is shameful and sad that companies like this make it hard for the ones that are honest and legit!"

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