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  • 28th Jun, 2018
  • $133 Reported Loss

Beauty & Truth Review: ANOTHER SCAM

  • Report #5YCYQ
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT

Company offered at “free trial” on Facebook, just pay shipping of $4.95. The offer gave me 14 days to cancel or they would send another jar on auto-ship. I tried the cream, saw no result and cancelled. A few days later, my credit card was charged $98.71.

I called customer service and was told they couldn’t remove the charge but offered me a $49.00 refund. I repeatedly told them that I did not want the cream but she said it had already been auto-shipped and that was the best she could do. I offered to return both the sample and the jar that was supposedly on its way but the only thing she could offer me was a $49.00 refund which I was told was on the jar they supposedly shipped. She said her supervisor wanted me to have more time to use the cream and if, after using the next jar, I had not cancelled (again), my next jar would only be $29.00.

Again, I told her I was not interested in any more of the product. After 40 minutes on the phone with her, I told her I would call back and cancel AGAIN, before they shipped any more product or billed my card again and AGAIN offered to return the product. She said it was not necessary to return either jar and the most refund she could offer was $49. and it would appear on my card in 3-5 days. Over a week later, no refund had been issued so I called back. This time I got a very rude “customer service rep” who told me they had NOT shipped a 2nd jar, the charge was for the “free” original trial jar since I had not returned it within the 2 week trial period and I was stuck with it.

I then asked for a “supervisor” and asked her to listen to the last call. She claimed she did although she did not put me on hold to do so. She agreed to let me return the “free” trial jar and give me another $49 refund 3-5 days after they received it. I explained that I had not received the first $49 refund and she told me it hadn’t been processed yet and would take, you guessed it, 3-5 days. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, this unexpected charge caused an overdraft which cost me an additional $35 so now I am out $133 and whatever it costs to return the jar of cream. T

his company uses false advertising and lies when you contact them. DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM"

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