Beauty & Truth

  • 12th Jul, 2018
  • $233 Reported Loss

Beauty & Truth Review: Shame on Facebook and Amazon for supporting a Scammer

  • Report #5YCYD
  • Reporter ANTECIAMPE

You TRUST Facebook and Amazon to only present credible companies to their loyal members. Not true. Beauty & Truth has nothing but scammer comments written about them.

Stories of dollar after dollar taken from people who read the offer as written, Free trial, and then after 15 days, Beauty & truth takes money out of the accounts of these poor people and then when you finally see what’s going on, they say “Sorry, you didn’t read our sneaky little writing, so you are screwed! you will not get a dime back from us and that is final”

Amazon and Facebook NEED to stop supporting these scammers. Horrible customer service. The owners of this outfit are laughing all the way to the bank and Amazon and Facebook are supporting them."

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