Beauty & Truth

  • 12th Jun, 2018
  • $15 Reported Loss


  • Report #5YCYM
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT

Beauty & Truth has nothing about truth and honesty, ripping off and mislead the customers is not right. I received an e-mail with the product offer stating that all you have to pay was $4.95 for shipping and handling to try the product witch I did. I place the order on Jan 13, 2016 by Jan. 27th I had two charges on my credit card for almost $190.00.

I called the company and they claim they had sent a confirmation with the information on it. I did not receive any confirmation e-mail, I went through all my e-mails from that day, deleted e-mails and spam and I could not find anything. I was told that they would refund ½ of each charge until I send the products back. I was not aware that I even had to pay for the return charge.

What a rip off this company has. The product is not even to my satisfaction so I was glad to send it back. Honesty means a lot to me. I had purchase expensive products in the past but I was aware of the price in advance not after the fact. They had lost a customer and I will make sure I let people know."

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