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  • 12th Jul, 2018
  • $5 Reported Loss

Free Samples Are A Scam - Beauty & Truth

  • Report #5YCYK
  • Reporter ANTECIAMPE

I came across an advertisement for a FREE sample of Dermagen iQ (Clinicderma) all I had to pay was £4.95 for postage & handling. When the package arrived it had another product in it which I had never ordered and I noticed on my credit card an additional amount of £3.95 (Skinspa) had been debited with out my permission since I never ordered it.

Shortly after I ordered the Dermagen iQ sample I had a message from Barclaycard saying that they were checking my account for fraudulent transactions and asking to confirm that 3 recent debits were all mine. Among those debits was the said £4.95, which I told Barclaycard I had agreed to. The £3.95 must have been debited shortly afterwards and since I never agreed to this charge I contacted Barclay Card, told them the story and had my account blocked for this company and the £3.95 reversed.

I also wrote an email to [email protected] telling them exactly what I thought about their dubious practices. (Quote from my email) “I also noticed on the site AFTERWARDS that at its bottom in tiny print under Terms and Conditions you mention “Membership Terms & Conditions”.

When ordering the sample cream I never agreed to any membership program and I therefore would like to make it very clear that I herewith cancel any membership that I might have inadvertently entered into and forbid any further charges to my credit card. Furthermore do not supply any further products to me!” (End of quote).

I also asked them for pre-paid postage if they want the used samples back – which according to the website where I “ordered” the first sample was not required – because I am not prepared to fork out postage to an overseas destination. I do not trust this company and probably never would get a refund.

So far I have only lost the £4.95 for postage and packing and I do not intend to return this product. I held up my end of the bargain by paying £4.95 as requested and as far as I am concerned the product belongs to me since it was a advertised as a FREE SAMPLE.The other non-requested product they can have back but only if the postage is pre-paid. Any further products they try to charge me for will be rejected and Barclay Card will reject any attempted debits.

I have noticed that other people have lost a lot of money and that is the reason why I am writing about the steps I undertook. By the way, I did not wait 15 days as stipulated in their “Terms & Conditions”, I wrote to them immediately after they charged me for an item I did not request and I cancelled the so-called unwanted “membership” at the same time."

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