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  • 9th Jul, 2018

It’s a SCAM! - Beauty & Truth

  • Report #5YCYI
  • Reporter ANTECIAMPE

Saw their ad on Facebook for their wrinkle cream. It said it was $4.95 for shipping, and the trial size was free. When placing my order it asked if I wanted to be enrolled in their membership. I said no.

After placing my order, when I received the confirmation, it said I was automatically enrolled in their membership. That I would be charged full price for the product they were sending me after 15 days of trying their product. Then I would be billed monthly and they would charge me full price for what they send.

I immediately called them to cancel everything. They asked why. I told them because they were sneaky and enrolled me in their membership even after my having declined it, and also charging me full price when they said it was free except of shipping. They wouldn’t listen to me and kept trying to keep the order and my membership. I asked to speak to their manager. She said they don’t have one and that she was the best person to speak with.

It wasn’t until I started yelling at them to listen to me and threatened reporting them to the Better Business Bureau that they finally said they would cancel everything. It took a big argument to get them to do it. They did send me a confirmation that my credit card would be credited but it may take 6 days for it to show up on my card. I did report them to the Better Business Bureau."

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