Beauty & Truth

  • 12th Jul, 2018
  • $150 Reported Loss

Total SCAM - Beauty & Truth

  • Report #5YCYC
  • Reporter ANTECIAMPE

Like many others, I was duped into believing that this was a legitimate beauty product. After viewing the YouTube video, I followed the link to purchase the eye repair cream, making CERTAIN I did not accept or approve of any other add-on products in this trial offer.

When the package came, there were two containers enclosed, a pump style and small jar. Thought this was strange but at the time did not question it. I knew I had 15 days from the time of purchase to try the product(s) and cancel. Well, the product(s) do not work. Very disappointing but that isn’t the worst part. I called to cancel but not before the company already dinged me for the full $98.71. My credit card company called to report the activity and when I looked at the last 30 days, sure enough they had charged me for the $98.71 plus the $4.95 for one product, $2.95 for another product and $6.95 for a third product.

I hadn’t even caught this as it being the holidays and all. The line items completely slipped my notice. Now, following the instructions from the company’s emailed invoice, I called the customer service number and got the run around. Questions about my usage, about how long I had been using the product, about my considering a ‘less costly’ opportunity to keep the product(s). No, No NO! All I wanted was to cancel. Plus I had been FRAUDULENTLY and erroneously charged for two additional products!

Now here comes the really frustrating part. As the consumer/purchaser, I have to a)RETURN the unused products b)Include the ORIGINAL packing slip (who keeps that?) c) expect a 50% refund immediately and WHEN they process the turn, d) expect the other 50% return to be processed. Of course, again, if I chose to keep the product, then I would ONLY be charged a fee of $19.95. No thanks!"

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