BHM Financial Group

  • 28th Jul, 2019

I was ripped off

  • Report #5YDAT
  • Reporter HILEAKEEDE

it was my worst experaince ever in a short term loan pay back a less than 2 month loan it cost me 3000.00 of my money to get out of the loan, i felt like i was robbed and they just make huge profets on poor people expences. i had a job delay of 1 month and needed some cash to hold me over and keep bills paid as the delay was to be one month and so to get out of a bind i took the loan, it took weeks to fill out all the crap then they said the loans in place on a turesday and the money is e-tranfured, and the loan instest starts but it took a week to get the money that i was paying intrest on. 54 percent rate and 40 percent fee they are thieves in my eyes 

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