Brenda Adrine

  • 25th Apr, 2018
  • $771 Reported Loss

Smartpay Fraud

  • Report #5YCPJ
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG

I am so angry I could scream!

After calling smartpay on the 29th and asking what my payoff would be, I was told $185 and some change. I told them to take that amount out of my account so that I could be done with them. I just realized that I would be paying over a thousand dollars for a $649 phone for my grandson.

Then I checked my account and found that they took the same $157.84 out that they had been taking. I called them and waited on the phone for two hours before I could speak with someone. That person kept telling me that I had to call in before my due date to pay it off. He also advised me that I now needed to pay $92 to pay it off. I asked for a supervisor and had to hold another half hour.

The supervisor said the same thing. When I told him that I DID call prior to my due date, he said that my payment failed on the 29th. I told him that I didn’t expect it to come out until my due date and he said that I would have to call prior to my due date and have the money available to pay right then. Had I known that I would have called yesterday.

So, I asked for their Corporate Headquarters phone number to which he replied, all they have is an email. I have checked all over the internet to find a number for their HQ and cannot. There is another Smapr Pay Leasing Company, but that’s not the same company.

I’m gonna pay the $92 but I’m gonna put it everywhere I can to let people know NOT to do ANY business with smartpay. I’m also filing a complaint with the BBB.


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