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  • 18th Dec, 2018

Online Forex trading SCAM

  • Report #5YD4D
  • Reporter STUMAZALLA

Hi i deposited money into Capitalxp in the middle of November 2018 Then only they send me documentations to sighn .After that i was contacted by the account manager he presured me to deposit more money because the 250 eur was apparently not enought to do trading . He drew money from my account and i have to supply him with the otp number. he started trading and the first two trades that he did was negative i took over and taught myself not to long i made good profits but i made a wrong investment in oil and my balance went very low i got an email from them to deposit money emmediately or the will close the account soon after that Richard West (account manager) phoned me again and basicly forched me again to do a deposit. He informed me that even with the deposit my account is to low and that he will arrange for a bonus so that i can have a bigger spread on my trades. i asked him what is the negatives about a bonus as i dont understand what they were saying about lotts, as he was in the industry for many years , He assured me that it was a standard contract . After i sighned the contract the added about 3200 eur to my account . My balance was now on about 5000 eur. That i when i started trading again plus minus 4 days my balance was on 230 000 eur . after that i tried 3 times to withdraw 3300 eur but every time it was rejected without any explanation i communicated through live chat but could get no answer . Then i send a email to Richard West  stating i know where you are, then only he phoned me . After some fowl languge from me he invormed me that it has been rejected based on the fact that there is a bonus attatched to my account i must first reach the threasold. he informe me that i must get 3800/2x100 000 and i am far from that . i asked him why he did not told me this when i asked him. his response was "it was a mistake from my side" He also said to me on nomorous occations that i know nothing about trading. On 18/12/2018 i traded as usual till 13H45 my account balance was 163 455 then i went to town and returned 16H15 i noticed my account balance is 43 000 i contacted online chat . then a lady phoned me she informed me she want access to my account via online programme , while we were buzy speaking i saw my account went straight down to zero eur. she said she can not do anything it is my fault because i joint them through Qprofit sys and the software activated itself because the market is reacting to the financial season. The only way she can help me is if i invest more money then she can recover what i have lost. i said to her i am unemployed. no income i have very bad financial report .ihave very little food , my landlord gave me notice. she cant believe i can not get a job . All she want i must get money to invest......

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