Carol Graham

  • 6th Mar, 2018

Banned for reporting indecent pictures!

  • Report #5YCR8
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I was on PoF browsing and chatting to a few guys when a guy messaged me. His picture was him holding his erection and messaged me looking for “fun”.

I reported this to PoF using the appropriate message report and reported the profile. (Who’s profile photo was literally an erect p***s, with details not filled in!)

About 20 minutes later my account logged me out and I couldn’t log back in. I tried to make an account again and it seems I am permanently banned for reporting what is in Ireland classed as sexual harassment and because it was an erection, sexual assault.

I went through all of the ‘Help’ questions to try and resolve the ban, when I couldn’t find the resolution I emailed them. I got an email back saying something to the effect of ‘We can’t respond to everybody, please use the help section to resolve your problem’

I did use the Help section first, that’s why I emailed them!

Plenty of Fish is a ridiculous site were fakes and men putting up pictures of their erections run free while legitimate people are banned for reporting it.

After the fact I gave my friend the username that I reported and the account is still active. Joke of a site!"

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