• 11th Jun, 2018
  • $49 Reported Loss

Customer Service NIGHTMARE -

  • Report #5YCY2
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I ordered internet and home phone to be switched from Comcast. I did this online. I tried to change the date and after 4 online conversations later was told I couldn’t. The day came and no modem was delivered. Customer Service said that I only ordered phone not internet.

I called Comcast and ported my number back to them. However, it was going to take 4 days. I receive a bill for $49.93. I spent an hour online trying to resolve the issue. I was transferred 8 times. Only to be told to call an 800 number.

I call the 800 number they provided. Transferred twice. Finally get someone that I think can help me and he puts me on hold mid sentence and 45 minutes later still on hold.


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