• 12th Jul, 2018
  • $118 Reported Loss

How not to treat a senior on Social Security - CenturyLink

  • Report #5YCY0
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I had CenturyLink and DirecTV installed on 8/31/15. I first called a number that was listed for combined service and billing. When I had to change installation date to the above, I was told my service for both had not been done correctly. I did as requested and was charged the second time for 19.95.

They advised me I would have to cancel the previous request, stating the correct request number of 29412000. I did this in writing and by email. I had to dispute the second charge of $19.95 with my bank. They found in my favor. I paid the charges from CenturyLink for installment, and the next two billings. I did this because CenturyLink was to charge for DirecTV and CenturyLink. I then received a letter from CenturyLink that they had not billed me for DirecTV. This letter contained charges for two months as well as another $19.95. I called to clarify and to dispute the additional charge of 19.95. I was advised that had to be resolved with DirecTV. It was never resolved. I made an additional payment for the difference of what I paid that month. My next bill was for 12/2/15 was for $183.49!

I called to dispute and was told they would contact DirecTV and my next bill would/should reflect a credit and I should pay $92.42 to be current. I did this for that month and for the next month. Low and behold I received 1/2/16’s billing for 171.27! Again I called CenturyLink stating I did not see the credit Charlotte said should show and the issue should/would be resolved. They said the bill was from DirecTV and I would have to resolve it myself. I called DirecTV, explaining what had happened. They said they could not do anything, as they had been paid. They said I was not delinquent and they could not credit me because CenturyLink had paid me.

In the last week I have called CenturyLink 6 times trying to resolve this issue. I was transferred 6 times and my call was dropped 6 times. Finally I called again to resolve the issue. I was told I owed an additional $78.85 to become current. I have made that payment and asked for the CEO’s address so I could complain about my billing and my calls being dropped. He put me in hold to get the address and again my call was dropped!

I am on a fixed income with my phone is free with 350 minutes of call time and I have wasted 189 minutes just in the last week to CenturyLink and DirecTV. I had to pay the phone carrier 10 cents a minute to “top up” because of these calls. This equates to $18.90 dollars

I would not recommend either company in the future. If I had to rate the service from these companies they would not have a zero or a number low enough to represent a valid rating.

$19.95 + $78.95 + $18.90 = $117.80 dollars is what I feel I was over charged."

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