• 14th May, 2018

Internet Fantasy - CenturyLink

  • Report #5YCXY
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

Let me preface this with, no I don’t need another tech to come out, there have been numerous techs in the last several years and two in the last month and all of us, Centurylink techs and we residents, agree it is the phone company line that is the issue.Every time it rains we lose our phones, we pay for 1.5 mb per month which is the highest speed offered here, and seldom ever get above .45. We can only get one asset online at a time and it takes five minutes for Centurylink.net to load and sometimes the speed test doesn’t load even after an hour. I can’t bring up more than one page at a time with this lack of speed.

Everyone has more than one electronic that uses the internet. We currently have 15 assets that can access the internet and I have to keep going in and putting time restrictions on all but one to get face book even to come up. Paying 4 bills online takes an hour and my bank keeps timing out just trying to log in.

I work as an Infrastructure Tech and I have to have internet access for two of the above items when I am on call, which is 24/7 lately. Logging into my modem numerous times a day to shut off everyone so I can get one computer to slowly access the internet is unreasonable and it really is unreasonable when I get a 2 am call and have to go to that bother before I can log into the work system that needs attention. I want Century Link to get this area updated, especially when a fiber optic line is only 700’ away.

We really need some return on the money we have paid for this terrible line since 1976.I receive the automated email reply with a promise that someone will contact me but the last one was 10 days ago and no one has contacted me. I don’t know what else to do, we live in a rural area, 4 miles from a major highway but as I said there is fiber optic about 700’ west of us in a ritzy subdivision that only has a dozen houses if that.

One hour running and it still hasn’t finished testing the download speed! It is at .33 for the 1.5 I pay for and never get."

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