• 31st May, 2018

They disconnected phone before porting number was completed - CenturyLink

  • Report #5YCY1
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I needed to transfer my phone service to another company and i have current phone service and internet with Centurylink. So i cancelled my internet and set-up the new company to port my old number BUT, century link cancelled both my internet AND disconnected the phone service before the other company was able to port the number over.

Now Century Link wants to charge my to reconnect my service so a port of the number can take place. I feel that Century Link does this on purpose to collect more revenue and cause more grief to people leaving their service. I realize we have to have a 3rd party company verify the port but why does the offending party have to control the phone number and not give that control over to the 3rd party company as well.

Century Link is so corrupt and now will not reconnect my service for over a week, causing me pay and grief and i am disconnected for the the world without my home phone."

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