Cut Rate Auto Parts

  • 9th Mar, 2019

Because you're a woman

  • Report #5YCVN
  • Reporter FERITANIAN

I went to cut rate auto part store and purchased a distributor from matt in which he is the store manager. Instead of selling me it as all one unit he broke it down and sold me the shaft for $99.99, and he charged me $8.99 for rotor, $35.99 for pic up coil (the electrical plug connector), $34.99 for the distributor cap.

Well the shaft had a factory defect, the gears were one tooth off. So when I went to return it I only got $97.00 dollars back, because the man at register says its sold as all one piece; even though I have receipt showing I paid for all those things separately. He would only refund the cost of it as all one unit.

That isn’t the only time he done that to me and being a woman I honestly did not know it was all one part.

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