Damien Elston & Sharon Mcloughlin Scam

  • 27th Jan, 2019

Damien Elston & Sharon McLoughlin Scam

  • Report #5YD4O
  • Reporter BOANSAKWOL

Damien Elston has been arrested 3 times, Yes there are 3 mug shots. He is a liar, claims to have sold 300 million when he was nothing more than a sales person at a seminar company. Damien is nothing but a charlantan pretending to be successful. Beware he will tell you he is all around the world he is not. Sharon McLoughin who claims to be a victim of sexual abuse, she is not. She puts out false accusations to other people in order for Damien "The Convict" Elston to take down pottential threats to his business since he screwed over the last 2 places of work. He was sued for sexual harassment!!!! BEWARE OF THESE TWO. RUN before they take your money. They are being investigated via the GLOBAL NEWS. EXPOSURE IS coming out. I have fell victim to Damien "the Convict" Elston and his over-selling. I am a real person and have had enough of the FAKE Lies these two are spreading and "The convict" hiding behind Sharon.



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  • 28th Jan, 2019

"Anonymous" cult loyalist defends Justin Gorenko aka JT Foxx, so very brave and articulate, Im Impressed Well done "pack":-D Looking forward to an article coming out and the shocking Exposure!! //Sharon Mcloughlin