Dollar Tree

  • 21st Jun, 2018

Wrongly accused

  • Report #5YD0U
  • Reporter ANTECIAMPE

My husband, myself, and my 14 year old daughter stopped by our local dollar tree to pick up a few things and to browse to see the latest holiday stuff. We were in an aisle when on the next aisle we heard a crash that sounded like glass breaking we looked at each other and jokingly said it wasn’t us a young girl I would guess age 10 was in our aisle also I said to her we are your witness they can’t say it was you. Mind you we were saying these remarks in jest.

Little did we know when we got to the register to pay for our things we were asked to pay for the glass the manager said we broke I then stated we didn’t break anything the manager then stated well a customer witnessed you mind you this same manager had walked passed us more than a few times after the crash of glass never once did she ask us or say one word to us until we were paying then she stated if you don’t pay for it you can never come into this store again.

My husband and myself have personally worked in the retail business for over 20 years and customer safety is very important to the company we have worked for this reason if we had broken anything we would have alerted a associate so it could be cleaned properly. I tried to get this point across to the manager she said I saw you on camera I asked if I could see the tape myself she said no only the police can I then told her to call them and I would wait.

She then stated either pay or you can’t come back its only a dollar.

Yes I know it’s only a dollar I wouldn’t mind paying it if it had been one of us that had done so. But the fact that we were given no chance to even defend ourselves and made to look like fools in public with other customers watching was an experience I have never had or have done to anyone in my life.

Needless to say I paid the dollar for something I have no clue what it was just that it broke and my parting words for the manager after asking the name and number to her district or corporate office and given excuses why she couldn’t get it were “I think you need to take another look at that tape.” Store #6140 between 6:30pm and 7pm.

I really think your company should have a training program for customers service skills and just being honest and human for your management personnel because this girl possessed NONE. I have always enjoyed shopping at dollar tree and I do spend quite a bit of when I do. But I don’t think I will be shopping this particular store #6140.

Dollar Tree Store #6140 – 2633 Hwy 180 Silver City NM 88061

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