Dun and Bradstreet

  • 11th Oct, 2018

Dun and Bradstreet is unresponsive, and just looking to milk your business for money to no avail.

  • Report #5YD42
  • Reporter LUVRESCATE

After multiple requests, over quite some time, they can't even get my business name itself correct!  Nor the entity type (LLC) correct or SIC code.  Every time I call to advise of their errors, they seem only to be interested in selling their services, which I have no need for.  My honest opinion is that they attempt to scare businesses into believing they must pay for help or their business credit will suffer.  Based on conversations with a business which did pay for their assistance in establishing credit, they provided no credible assistance of any kind; I was told the considerable amounts paid were "a total waste of money; they did nothing useful at all."

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