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  • 18th May, 2017

Flogas. Gas Price Rip Off for Pensioners/Loyal Customers. Disgusting.

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  • Reporter IDWAYANDSE

Many of us living rurally have to rely on bottled/tanked gas for central heating, cooking, hot water. Flogas seemed the only supplier locally so I have had gas tanks 4 x47kg for basic needs for the last 8 years. The cost begun around £100 for 2 tanks and last year had risen to £136. I rarely have central heating on due to the cost, despite being older and having Diabetes and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea amongst several other health problems. Each time I ring Flogas for a new delivery I say it is too much but I am told that is the price. Two weeks ago on ordering I found 2 x tanks were now £156, over £20 more than last October. I had no choice but to buy them. I emailed Flogas and was sent a fancy chart apparently explaining why the cost was so high. Apparently I had also paid £10 too much over time but I had never been told of this before or received a reduced rate on my next order.

 I decided to look online and found Calorgas who said they delivered to my area, and on asking for a price was told £96 for 2 bottles, including VAT and delivery - £60 cheaper!

I went to a neighbour to tell the family the good news about Calorgas since they have Flogas 47kg tanks too. I was shocked when he said they had been having Flogas for two years and that the cost was under £100 for 2 x 47kg tanks. He had never been asked by Flogas to pay what I had been charged by them.

Rip Off is an understatement. This gas supplies my basic needs. I have been cold in winter due to not having central heating on and I often go to bed instead. I believe because I am older I have been duped, and lied to, by being told Flogas could not offer a better price, even sending a chart and explanation to try to keep me a customer and continue the same old trick. I have explained in the past my age and situation, so they knew what they were doing. This dishonesty has gone on for 8 years.

I would urge anyone to check the cost of tank gas and never use Flogas. They have shown themselves morally questionable if they would over charge and lie to someone in my position who is considered by the NHS to have serious health problems and who needs central heating, not as a luxury but a necessity.

I would welcome any advice about what to do. I have not yet complained to Flogas.






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