Flower Delivery Express

  • 21st Jun, 2018
  • $20 Reported Loss

My mind is blown, everyone will love this story, unbelievable

  • Report #5YD0K
  • Reporter THARDINHER

In early September:I put out a 4-hour express order in at about 10am. At 3 pm I get a call while i’m at work saying they weren’t able to complete the task i paid them to do, not only that but still couldn’t fulfill by the end of that day. I paid for same day on top of paying for the 4 hour fulfillment. The flowers were last minute for my bosses birthday, so it being a day late was kind of not okay with me, boss didn’t mind because its the thought that counts but I was quite upset.

I wrote an email explaining this is unacceptable to the company. they sent me 2 credits for $50 a piece, requesting i don’t give them a poor review for my extremely poor experience.

Fast forward to today:I have a visitor in town, but I still have to work, so I wanted to send them flowers at the house. I go onto the website and see at the top it says “use a table save $40”, i just think oh thats neat. I kept using my computer, i don’t think about it again. I check out some arrangements, I see another ad later on during checkout saying something like “oh you randomly save $40 today” so when i goto check out 40 is already subtracted, i look and the pricing was already like that when i clicked on the website, it’s like everyone gets 40 off.

Seems like a scam. in the sense that they would say something like “this single rose is worth $500, but we will give you 95% today – so its only $25” you saved 95% today! but its only actually worth $10 maybe? Just all seems so sketchy to me now with this bigger picture. That’s why I never wrote the review until now.

So now i goto apply one of my “Credits” for $50, its a promo code, so guess what, i can’t use it because of the $40 off for everyone deal is going on. It’s weird that i can’t use what i gained for them completely dropping the ball. It was supposed to be a credit, this is not a credit.

IT GETS BETTER… less than 30 minutes after not using my “credit” code when i saw all this BS, I got a call from their customer service number. They didn’t leave a voicemail either, i had to search the number online to see that it was them probably trying to save another sale. I’m completely baffled at this point.

It’s not about the money, it’s a principle thing fully.

With that being said, screw the “credits” because I won’t be using this website anymore even for the chance for them to redeem themselves.

I will try any other site over trying to use this one again, just don’t waste your time with these, learn from my mistake, don’t let this company mess up what could have been a great memory!

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