Flower Delivery Express

  • 21st Jun, 2018
  • $75 Reported Loss


  • Report #5YD0J
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I ordered a Christmas bouquet and tree tribute certificate for my sister on 12/19 that was to be delivered to her on 12/21 for her to enjoy during the Christmas week at her place of business. I even went along with the outrageous hidden charges that popped up at the last minute when ordering online for this supposed grand discount. I received an email on 12/21 at 4:21pm that the flowers were delivered. I never heard from my sister that she got this amazing arrangement. I asked the next day if she received a special gift.

She said no and reception never called her for anything of that nature. I checked her email to see if the tree tribute came and even checked her spam; the certificate was not there. I sent two online inquires through their website which were never responded to. I emailed them three times which were never responded to. I finally got through to a customer service agent after multiple attempts and either hearing a busy signal or the call dropping. This agent proceeded to tell me that the credit card (last four digits) I gave her was not correct yet I am looking at the pending charge on my credit card bill, she stated the recipient address I gave was incorrect, so if that’s the case – where the hell did the flowers go?

She stated she was not authorized to give me that information since the information is not matching, then proceeded to tell me that the billing address for my credit card is not the same as what I gave her which is also a lie. I double checked with my credit card what billing address was showing. After all of that, she asks me for my email address and full name again, then proceeds to ask the exact same questions again as if we didn’t already go through this. She placed me on hold and I finally hung up out of frustration. I sent two more emails a little more stern this time.

Still no response. Tried calling customer service again and is forced to leave another voice mail because their call volume is so high. These are never returned either. I spoke with my credit card to stop the charges and reverse them. Currently they are still pending and cannot stop them. I can dispute the charges once the charges are final. Until then, there is not much more I can do but realize that my sister could not have Christmas flowers from me who is away on deployment with the government and won’t be with her this year. It is very upsetting. I also checked the BBB and this company is not currently accredited by the BBB.

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