Flower Delivery Express

  • 21st Jun, 2018
  • $100 Reported Loss

Overcharged & Never Received

  • Report #5YD0G
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I ordered flowers on Dec. 23, 2015 that had a guarantee delivery by 12/24/15. The price advertised was $40.00 for the “Holiday Cheer” flower arrangement. I was charged $100.00 & the flowers are still no where to be seen!

This is a joke. I have called over 5 times, sent 5 emails and still no response. The WORST customer service I have ever seen. When I go to track my order, the arrangement still says on route. It is now December 28th.

These flowers are 4 days overdue & I was still charged $100. I honestly think this site may be a scam. I would not recommend this flower delivery service to anyone. We will see if anyone even responds to this complaint, probably not. Looks like I will have to void the payment through my bank.


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