Flower Delivery Express

  • 21st Jun, 2018
  • $83 Reported Loss


  • Report #5YD0D
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I was ordering flowers for my mother. The flowers were only $8.97 with free shipping. You are required to fill in all of the information as to where it is going and who it is coming from, etc before you get the actual amount it is going to cost you. After filling in all of the information including my cc information it immediately goes to “Order Confirmed” showing how much you were just charged – which I was charged $83.00 for my $8.97 flowers.

Money came out immediately from my bank account. I immediately called the number for customer service. I was put on hold by whomever answered the phone, because they can’t help you with anything. That individual transferred me to “someone who could help me” but no one ever picked up and then you had to leave a voice mail message and they are to call you back. I left Five (5) messages yesterday to cancel my order, never heard from anyone.

So I am expecting that the flowers will not be delivered as I have read from so many other customers and I probably won’t get my money back. This company is a rip off. They have foreigners answering the phones that can barely speak English.

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