Flower Delivery Express

  • 20th Jun, 2018
  • $35 Reported Loss

Upcharged after order, product not as advertised

  • Report #5YD0B
  • Reporter THARDINHER

They added a $20.31 “service fee” and a $4.99 “handling fee” AFTER I pressed the button to order. I had to call them and spend over 30 minutes on the phone to get the added charges removed, which they claimed “should have been displayed prior to order”, but I highly doubt. I assume they are just adding on these charges on the assumption that people will be too lazy to deal with it. They have a lot of fees anyways, including those the flowers I ordered that were advertised at $35 came to over $90 when the order was complete.

Beyond that, the product was not exactly what was pictured when it was delivered. It was advertised in a slightly nicer vase with some little present decorations, but came in a very plain glass jar with no decoration. It also was advertised with mini carnations and roses, but came with regular carnations and NO roses.

I’d give them an extra half star because their representative was polite when refunding their BS extra charges and fresh flowers that looked sort of like what they sold me did arrive on time.

I won’t be using them again. As always, your best bet is to find a reputable florist local to where you want flowers delivered and deal with them directly.

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