Flower Delivery Express

  • 20th Jun, 2018
  • $74 Reported Loss


  • Report #5YD0A
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

This company is a scam, straddling the line of the law.

My order was placed fraudulently by the website when a pop-up ad regarding reduced shipping prices submitted the order when I hit close. I did not want this order to be placed as I felt the prices were too high to be worth the value. I immediately called the customer service number and the representative stated my order was placed on hold, but they refused to take my information or order confirmation number. Without knowing who I am or what my order is, how can they state it was placed on hold? Then they said I had to call back after 11:00am the next day to receive confirmation of the cancellation. When I explained this was a next day delivery, they hung up the phone. Seriously, they hung up on me!

The next morning’s multiple calls to customer service fared no better. The representative kept me on the line, refusing to talk to me, while I heard him and the other representatives laughing and singing. Then he placed me on hold, again without acknowledging me at all. The reason, he had started another call which was conducted in his native language. The other attempts also resulted in hang ups and automated messages saying we will call you back.

What a lousy, scam of a company this is. Even after placing an online dispute via their website, requesting help with the cancellation, I received an error message stating that multiple requests from the same IP address will impede the ability to assist me. I only placed one request through the website, but again this is an example of a scam and how they set up safeguards to straddle that line.

This is your definition of customer service? I had to call Visa to dispute the charge, opened an incident with the Better Business Bureau and am placing this review on every social media site I can find. If you still choose to use this company, please remember you have been warned.

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