Ingrid Mahogany,Social service & housing complaint

  • 10th Jun, 2018

Ingrid Mahogany,unprofessional and poor service to clients

  • Report #5YD36
  • Reporter ECOROVOTTI

My name is Andrew Mcdougal, I am writing to you regarding My experience at a transitional home called Federal City Recovery located in SE Washington D.C, under the support of Ms. Ingrid Mahogany The purpose of the housing program is to provide temporary (6 months) housing to displaced and homeless persons that are working and can save money into an escrow account, I moved into the housing program at FCR in august 2016 at resident 2606 Bowen Road S.E Wash DC, I started paying in to my escrow every 2 weeks,  I work part time at Safeway making less than 20 hours a week And I get paid every Friday ,when I moved in I asked Ms, Mahogany may I pay my escrow every 2 weeks Instead of every Friday because I don’t make enough in one week to pay escrow plus my other expenses, at first she replied “Yes” than a month later she retracted and said “you get paid by Safeway every Friday so you should pay escrow every Friday ,not every 2 weeks” I tried to explain to her it would have been very difficult for me to pay my escrow every Friday ,Im enrolled in school full time Monday thrue Friday for construction welding ,HVAC (heating and A.C) and training for building maintenance, plumbing and carpentry at C.E.T (Center for Employment Training),once a week I attend therapy  treatments for my PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder) buy groceries and basic necessities ,pay my monthly phone bill ,attend mandatory meetings 2 times a week with Ms. Mahogany while seeking a second job and going to work part time at Safeway , but she would cut me off and not listen to reasonBY November 2016 a new policy went in effect at FCR that no one can work lateanymore !!, Ms. Mahogany  said everyone must make the 12mid nitecurfew or be discharged from FCR ! NO MORE WORKING LATE !I told Ms.Mahogany  im scheduled to work evening at my part time job at Safewayand sometimes I work late and  may not be able to make it in by curfew, her only response was“THAN YOU WILL BE DISCHARGED FROM THE PROGRAM”She even told me to tell my employer to let me go home earlyto make curfew on time,This Jeopardize my job and my availability to work , FCR wants me topay my escrow every week but endangers my availability to work in theprocess causing  me to make paying my escrow more difficultOn Monday December 5th Ms. Mahogany called me in to her office for a mandatory case review ,she wanted to know about my discrepancies of missing escrow payments, “you get paid every Friday you should pay escrow every Friday and not every 2 weeks “ she said,I tried to explain to her between going to school , attending therapy and looking for a second job the transportation expenses completely depletes my allowance making it difficult for me to pay escrow  I asked Ms.  Mahogany may  I speak to the director of FCR andshe said No ! ,I asked why not? I should be able to speak with thedirector , she finally gave in and called the director of FCR And puthim on 3way speaker phone, but she didn’t let me talk to him, Ms.Mahogany did all the talking and I never got to say one word to thedirector ,Ms. Mahogany spoke all bad about me without allowing me todefend myself, Ms. Mahogany denied me my right to be heard by theDirector of FCR, I asked to speak to the director and she did all thetalking after speaking all bad about me I was discharged from theprogram,and I was told I had until 5pm the next day less than 24 hoursto move out,I was frustrated ,angry stressed and I went right backinto depressionThe next day Tuesday 6th it rained all day,  I went to my place of residence   to check on my things and retrieve some of my itemsbut i was barred from the premises and could not enter to get any dry clothesi written a appeal letter to FCR and gave it to Ms .Mahogany,I asked when do I get my appeal ? ,Ms. Mahogany replied “when you move out “But The purpose of an appeal  is to stay in !!,Not move out.according to FCR rules, the appeal process takes 5 days where it goes through theclinical director and the executive director and goes under review for5 days,but it did not happened  ,again I was denied my right to dueprocess ,No due process Has taken place my appeal went unheard andwent no where,  I was put out school and  I missed my therapy treatments for depression I was left homeless and returned to a state of depression and suicidal tendenciesFCR has misrepresented it self to help those going through recovery , the organization failed to stick by its name and failed to do what its name implies "Recovery" instead i have not recovered , I was going through recovery to further my goals and education obtaining certifications while working part time and FCR put me out while I was getting my life together, FCR has lost hindsight of what “Recovery “ is they pulled everything from under him while I was going through recovery,I almost got put out school ,my homework and studies became extremely difficult ,I fell back into depression and now to cope with this My complaints are


·         I was denied the right to be heard by the director

·         i was denied my right to due process to go through proper channels

·         My appeal went unheard

·         job endangerment ( i was instructed to cut my work hours to meet curfews)

·         Misrepresentation  ( Agency "Did Not" help me to recovery)

·         Mental anguish contributed to PTSD

·         Medical dependency on medical marijuana and psychiatric therapies

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