Inmate Call Solutions

  • 19th Jun, 2018
  • $74 Reported Loss

This company is a scam

  • Report #5YD04
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

Will not refund my money, I gave money to make calls then after setting it up I can not make calls. They let you set up, but do not tell you that if your phone number is local with the prison, that it won’t work, and they will not refund your money, because once it is set up they can’t.

So that means I am out $74 dollars that is non refundable. These people should be the ones in jail, someone just pocketed my money that I paid good money for. They had no problem taking it out of my account right away, but will not refund it for a service that will not work.

After you try to find out why it is not working, and check into it they let you into reading about it. When you click into there service it takes you right into signing up, and later you find out it won’t work in your area."

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