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  • 5th Mar, 2019


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JT Foxx is NOT his real name it is Justin Gorenko. Please read Who & What this MONSTER is and has done! on the "Jt Foxx Information Page" on Facebook or my personal page "Sharon Mcloughlin" on Facebook. 

Thank you "NAME and SHAME" for publishing previous complaints about this Conartist!

Gorenko is a MASS SEXUAL PREDATOR, you will find many courtcases posted on my private FB account, cases that Gorenko has buried from the Public, even one case where he Sexualy Harasses his High Paying Clients HIGH SCHOOL DAUGHTER. 

Foxx has been able to get away with and continue his ABUSE, by committing serious mass Cyber Crimes, DoS Attacks, SEO manipulation tactics, threatning and suing reporters, authors, bloggers, ex students/clients, ex employees, ex business partners etc for speaking out about him. He buries all the REAL "BAD" reviews and controls 38 sites which post only FAKE "GOOD" reviews about him.

He is NOT the "World Nr Wealth Coach" he is the "WORLDS Nr 1 CONARTIST, SCAMMER & ABUSER!" Worse than Harvey Weinstein and R Kelly!

A google search will only let you find positive information. The Facebook JT FOXX INFORMATION PAGE is one of the Few sites that he cannot attack or close down, ohh but believe me he has tried!! 

Gorenko has been under investigation by the Top NY News Outlet, the NY POST. Lead business journalists have written the 1st Article and Gorenko and his lawyers recieved it almost 5 months Ago! It is still tied up in litigation, and is just a matter of time before it hits and will FULLY EXPOSE JT FOXX for 15 years of MASS Scam, Fraud, Abuse, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Victimisation, white collar crimes, cyber crimes, employee violations, tax frauds, disambiguation, and much more. 

Personally I invested $57,400 for coaching to take me and my business to the "next level" but on joining the Organisatiin (that is being called a CULT by myself, the masses that have left, the press, our lawyers, ex employees, ex coaches etc) the mass bullying, abuse, sexual harassment and more was evident that it was a disgusting FRATERNITY HOUSE built on LIES and DECEPTION.

Journalists in Europe are also on this story and the same procedure tgat was carried out in the US is being done here! The judicial system in the US takes longer for OFFENDERS like JT Foxx to be expised and caught (the Harvey Weinstein story took 8 months to write and 8 months before litigation was resolved)

Very frustrating! As Foxx is still currently on tour STILL selling his BS to unknowing attendees, day by day there are more and more people who find their way to the JTFoxx Information Page and are shocked and disgusted to read & learn who the man they have just heavily invested in is! People are already asking for refunds from the CURRENT tour that he is on now, BUT the JT Foxx Org has a STRICT NO FEFUND POLICY, no matter what, refunds are NEVER given! 

Daily our cause and the numbers of JT FOXX VICTIMS grows. We WILL be holding Foxx ACCOUNTABLE!

Please take the time to share your complaints either here on "NAME AND SHAME", or on the Information Page. 

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FEAR FOXX, his days of retaliation and threats of suing anyone who speaks out about him are OVER! 

Togethee we are strong! 

Yours Sincerily

Sharon Mcloughlin

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