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  • 7th Jan, 2019


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I continue getting these YouTube promotions from JT Foxx even on absolutely non-business related recordings. What's his arrangement? It is safe to say that he is without a doubt, or is this one of those deceitful Internet things?

 Truly EVERY advertisement I'm seeing on youtube is for this prick JT Foxx, moving his horrendous trick. Is it just me being focused on this hard, or is everybody seeing this quite a bit of him!?? I sincerely thought it was a parody the first occasion when I saw it, he was flaunting his robot that rings a ringer and it just filtered like a poo scene of 'The Office'.

 I've investigated his item a bit and it's UTTER poop. You need to pay him a heap of money to let you know the most self-evident, essential stuff. Cod brain science and too essential business exhortation. His whole business is a consultancy that just advises other individuals to set up consultancies. Also, he attempts to clarify the absence of profundity to his business by saying that it's a conscious strategy. None if the numbers he talks appear to include and the organization he keeps is shocking.

Alter: somebody at work instructed me to simply utilize an advertisement blocker, however there're are a couple of channels I extremely like and I know their primary wellspring of pay is YT promotions, so I regularly leave adblocker killed so they don't miss out

I keep clicking "Don't show me this ad again, I've seen it too many times" on Youtube. And then it turns out this prick has twenty more fucking ads running, all with him trying to sell the same vapid contentless one-liners. AND FOR SOME REASON THEY ALL LAST INCREDIBLY LONG. WHO THE HELL IS PAYING THIS PRICK ENOUGH FOR HIM TO AFFORD THESE ADVERTISEMENTS?

It's really a quite basic business (not explicitly focusing on advisors however). In the event that you've at any point known about Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), Trump University (Donald Trump), or comparative kinds of organizations you have a general thought of how they function.


A rich, fruitful businessperson with an unfathomable backstory and an extravagant way of life has removed time from his bustling day to encourage you (truly, you) turn out to be incredibly well off simply like him. You should simply go to a free course to take in the instruments and abilities and associations expected to wind up a superstar business mogul. Only a hour and a half of your time and you also can be the following Wolf of Wall Street!! Obviously, when you take that free course, it ends up being 90 minutes of tuning in to coaches pitch you another (paid) class. At that point when you fall for that, they'll move you continuous coach transport administrations (since you have so much potential), end of the week escapes, lunch and learn programs, class after class after class. They may even urge you to get a credit limit increment with the goal that you can keep "contributing" in the training sessions. Before you know it, you've burned through hundreds or even a large number of dollars and a little while just to get the hang of something that you could have gotten from 30 minutes at the Public library.

 Is it in fact a trick? Not really. Be that as it may, is it "without a doubt"? not by any means. Broilers likely could be rich, however not as a result of the reason he says. He's rich since he's fleecing individuals who figure he can instruct them to begin uncontrollably fruitful organizations and pay him many dollars for the benefit. The "riches" in a Wealth Seminar streams from the understudies to the educator, and never the a different way. It's an old grift given new life on YouTube. What's sad is that there actually are good ppl in the mix of this "business matrix", but the problem is as a society we feed too much into desires.

Which makes things dangerous...Because all you need is a savvy marketer who knows how to manipulate perception and tap into the desire that his audience wants.

Not going to lie on some of my "low days" that we all have as entrepreneurs, when I see their advertisements I can somewhat hooked into the dream that they are selling.

I always said that there is a good side and a dark side of digital marketing. Discovering truth can be super difficult looking at things at face value. I believe that if someone truly wants to learn it's best to find someone who shows empathy and doesn't try the smoke and mirrors selling of lifestyle living to mask a possible red flag in what they customer truly is receiving.

Just my two cents...

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