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  • 25th May, 2019

In the world of the horrible coaching and speaking gurus. The case of J T Foxx

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Good morning or good evening to the name and shame report website.

Here's a video that resume an experience that happend to me yesterday 22 may 2019.I often read your articles and reports to be sure about making right choices and being aware of that doesn't belong the need of respect and consideration.

I assisted to a Mega Event of coaching and speaking, a so called coach but saying a guru is more accurate, J T Foxx promise and assure you that if you become one of his "clients", a gain of 2 billions dollars will be effective by the end of a year of formation and training ( 2 days 90 000 euros, The possibility to go on stage cost 90 000 and the possibility to interview celebrities is 190 000 euros. He doesn't let you talk and express. He wants everything as soon as possible, in 1 words, not 2 sentences. He was putting his shoes on my chair while I was in the toilet for 3 mn and though I left my jacket and my bag. As a defense and a justification, he said to me:"Don't worry, they are Louis Vuitton, it's not a problem, haha". Almost all the audience was laughing. I'm I the only one who noticed it arrogance and pretention?

This video explains in details my experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieILMladfwc&t=36s

Thus, I had the idea of contacting you, seing that there is an article on the subject, but without self-experience. I want to spread the message that they are using our ambition to make money, in order to make money himself.He told us that he was called jesus for many poeple and that he sells CD's of his experience and chocks at 5000 euros. But apparently, yesterday, for us because we are good, he will sell it at 297 euros. What a number.

Here's how you can contact me : mail : [email protected] : +33633068641

And here's an article that talks about it.

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