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  • 19th Jun, 2018
  • $1,176 Reported Loss

Credit Card Account – FRAUD

  • Report #5YD03
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

My bank sent a full payment on behalf of my account with Macy’s on 9/11/15 Macy’s cashed the check on 9/23/15 ( I have cleared check) this should of had my account paid in full $0.00 balance.

Well the next payment was due on 10/2/15 i figured my account was not updated yet since & I made the minimum payment due in the amount of $39.35 I was not worried since I assumed any over payments would be credited back to me. After that payment I kept pulling up my account to see if account has been adjusted and still nothing, called my bank and asked if they mailed the check to Macy’s they sent me the cleared check as mentioned prior. I called Macy’s which was a joke to find out what phone # someone would answer, I even sent 3-4 emails and no reply back finally they asked I fax over the clear check so I faxed on 10/19/15 to 866-903-7463.

10/26/15 Sadie at Macy’s confirmed they received my fax should show 1-2 business days, well it doesn’t I call back ask to speak to a Supervisor which is JO on 10/26/15 she informs me that she will call them, she returned my call same day to tell me that she has filed a dispute and she will adjust my account for the payment I made and the account will soon be updated, she also informed me to not make 11/8/15 payment due. After seeing all the complaints about this kind of issue online I called again this morning 10/29/15 spoke to Charlie another Supervisor he says this is still is dispute, I said not sure why this is in dispute this is a payment cashed over a month ago, I made a additional payment and now my account still is NOT showing $0.00 balance, I explained i am trying to buy a home and this whole situation is messing me up since my account still shows balance due when this is INCORRECT,

I said this feels like FRAUD and I want to talk to a attorney to see if this is even legal, he assured me that he will keep a eye on this account and it can take another billing cycle to adjust and to NOT make 11/8/15 payment. Are you kidding 2 billings cycles 2 month and it MIGHT show paid in full? I asked that i speak to someone higher he said there is no one and stated he will fax me a letter 3-4 business days showing this issue is being worked on for my Lender. At this point I am very unsatisfied and this is affecting me in so many ways and I filed a complaint on this site in addition to the BBB and I will keep until my issue is resolved.


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