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  • 8th Jul, 2018
  • $75 Reported Loss


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In mid to late June 2015 I agreed to open a charge account at Macy’s in Providence, RI after the clerk told me I would receive a 10% discount that would be credited in my first billing statement (I bought a pair of shoes). Fine. I opened the charge.

First, I never received the credit card. Second, I never received a statement for amount due. I moved to TN on 6/30 and placed forwarding order with the USPS. On Aug 1, 2015 my husband joined me in TN and put in forwarding orders for all mail. For six weeks after my purchase, my husband was still at the address the credit card should have come to and the statement should have come to but neither ever came.

In early Oct 2015 I received a past due notice from Macy’s that was dated August 28, 2015 with my old address. It had never occurred to me to change the address for a credit card I hadn’t received. I was changing addresses on accounts as they arrived at my new address. I do accept the fact that I have a balance at Macy’s so I called them and explained all of the above. The collections agent that I spoke to, Larry Kent, could not speak very good English (par for the course) but we were able to muddle through our conversation until he told me my balance was $140 something dollars! What?

The letter said $71.16 which still sounded high to me but without ever seeing the statements I didn’t know if there was a late fee on the $71.16 or not. I would’ve paid the $71.16 just to get this account closed but when he told me I owed $140 some dollars! I said I wasn’t paying that amount. I would pay the $71.16 but nothing more. He kept arguing with me that these late fees were valid charges. I said they aren’t valid charges because I never received either the credit card or the Billing Statements.

I asked to speak to his manager. He refused saying he will only tell you the same thing I am telling you. I insisted several more times that I wanted to speak to his manager and he refused again and again asking me what I wanted to speak to him about! I said I want to speak to him about YOU! He asked well what are you going to say? OMG the audacity! I must’ve insisted in louder and louder tones at least six times that I wanted to speak to his manager (where is the recorded copy of this exchange I wonder). He totally refused. I asked what my account number is – since I had never received card or statement, I only knew the last 4 digits from the past due letter. He said they don’t give out that information!

WHAT? It’s MY account, you’ve already verified that I am who I say I am and you can’t give me MY account number? This exchange lasted approximately 10 minutes him not giving me his managers name nor putting my call through and us arguing over my balance due.

I finally hung up in frustration, which is I am sure what they are trained to do, make the customer so pi$$ed off they hang up and get nowhere. I have NEVER in my 59 years dealt with a customer service (or even collections if that is what he is) that was SO rude. Where do they GET these people? I have no idea what to do or where to go at this point to resolve this issue. I realize the “loss” for me is only $75 or so dollars but it is the PRINCIPAL at this point. You don’t treat your customers like DIRT and get away with it!"

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