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  • 9th Jul, 2018


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  • Reporter ISHEALLINT

It started off with Adrian the supervisor of Crabtree Valley Mall honoring me a 25%off on Michael Kors watches, since the last associate I bought a watch from didn’t tell me when the sale was going to be over.Well, I’m a huge Michael Kors fan and the sale had ended the day before the 19th when I went.

When I went to Crabtree I told Leslie, I believe it was, that I was there to get 25% off. She said I can’t. Now I was informed by Adrian that she would tell the associate that I was disabled and coming to get a watch for 25%off. I told her the manager said I can, can you go ask her. From the beginning her attitude was very RUDE to me. She came back shortly from the corner and said okay. I don’t know where she went, but was the manager around the corner because she came back quickly. I told her I was ready and wanted to see a watch. She wouldn’t take the watch out on top of the counter,as if I was going to steal it. I asked her 3 times if I could see it and then with an attitude she slowly took it out. I tried it on and she immediately said that’s a woman’s watch. I didn’t ask for her opinion. I said no it’s not I like it and it has a big dial. Then she said if you wore it everyone would know your wearing a woman’s watch. I was shocked because she knew I was gay at that moment because she told me all the watches in the counter were for woman’s. Then she pointed at huge men’s watches,which were on the counter and said those are the only men’s watches. She had an attitude. I stuck up for myself and said noooo I like this watch, I don’t care if it’s a woman’s watch and said I’ll take it.

I have flower tattoos on my hand and a clover. I have a moon with a flower and a sun with a flower on both sides of my ears. I have a clover with wings,which say true love. I had a jacket on,but those are the tattoos she saw. Obviously, she knew I was gay,but I don’t know if Adrian told her I’m mentally disabled. Oh, I also have many diamond piercings on my face and ears. Then I told her I was going to buy three and she no I can’t I asked her to ask the manager. She went to the corner again and came back quickly. She said in a low voice and said I have to call security because I don’t want to lose my job. I was like what the Hell does that mean? I picked out threw watches quickly. The she went to the register with the watches and asked for my license. She took it to the register and asked how I was going to pay. I said by credit card. She took my card to the register, she rolled her eyes at me. She came back with my credit card and I tried to get it because normally they hand it to you. Well, she put it into the chip insert and even took it out for me, which was unnecessary,especially she wasn’t very pleasant.

I had taken off my jacket at that time. I showed all my gay tattoos. She slightly glanced and acted weird. At the end of the transaction I politely said can you give me your full name and associate ID she wrote her name down and told me her I’D was on the receipt. She wrote thank you on the receipt,but never mentioned anything verbal,just did the transaction. At that point her attitude changed to worried. I got out of Macy’s and immediately complained on the phone and it was Adrian I talked to. she was extremely nice and comfort me. I talked to her for about a hour. I cried with a broken heart while talking to Adrian. She was shocked that it really was a horrible hate crime. She told me she was going to send me $50 of coupons. We hung up. That night I cried and couldn’t sleep. My mom comforted me by giving me a hug and telling me that don’t let this make you lose by crying. I love my parents. I was depressed for 2 days and I’m also diagnosed with major depression,so that event set it off. It’s people like her that make people commit suicide. What if I committed suicide because of her? What would you do then.

After friends told me that I’m getting paid off to shut up with coupons worth $50 and I found out they expire in December. That day could never be erased and I view people different now. She probably is denying everything and just got a slap on the wrist, while I suffered.I’ll let you know I get $813 in disability checks a month. I have to survive on that. The reason I can have some hobbies like saltwater reef tanks and collecting Michael Kors watches is because I live with my parents and they take care of me. I can never in my life survive alone without help. I’m going to have to pay $30 copays for my doctor even though I have Medicare. Sometimes $100, which I struggle to afford. I currently only have $3900 to survive. Now, do you see I can never survive financially nor mentally by myself. Once my parents die I’ll probably die with them. I’m happy to say I’m gay and disabled because of that horrible lady. I got a disabled with heart wheels as a tattoo on my hand because I don’t want to be ashamed of myself anymore. All I ask is for Leslie to pay for the three watches I bought that day. I want her to remember what she did to me. I will never step into Crabtree Valley Malls Macys ever again.

My friends and family won’t either for me. That horrible person is lucky I’m not mean and don’t tell the gay community and various blogs about the situation. Oh, please fire her. I also think customer service is horrible at Crabtree. I told Adrian they really needed training and she shocked me by saying you know what it is the associates just get used to it. That means this topic was already recognized and ignored! Please allow me to forget, but not erase the past and let me look and wear the 3 watches. I haven’t opened the boxes since that day. Please believe me and do the right thing. I really did suffer from this hate crime! Please contact me via phone and e-mail. I want to know what’s going to happen.

Please contact me as soon as possible as I will be waiting for a response. Tonight I will be up until 1am EST,so you may contact me. Daniel Watanabe

Macy’s – 4325 Glenwood Ave Raleigh NC 27612 | 919-510-8700"

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