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  • 8th Jul, 2018

Poor Customer Service when dealing with a billing issue - Macys

  • Report #5YCZ1
  • Reporter ISHEALLINT

It has been such a headache dealing with a billing issue that was of no fault to me, the customer. The one time I process a payment by phone, due to the fact your online service was unavailable, it was stated that my account was unable to be located days later. Please note this is the same account I had since being a card holder since 2003 and nothing has change. Not to mention it was told to me that the billing system was experiencing some technical difficulties and many customer had the same complaint.

I’ve spoken to several reps, whom all seem to just repeat the obvious and not resolve the matter. It’s a simple fix! I’ve been told by several reps with ID# 91117856; 91032726; and 91118206 all of which stated I will be credit the amount of the additional fees that applied since my account information has not change and the billing issue was on Macy’s behalf. That was a month ago!

How long do it take to see the consistency in payments and take accountability in your error. Im not a person to write complaints but this is frustrating it may be a small amount to you, however it’s the principle of the matter. I’ve been placed on hold, told it takes 24-48 hours, now the latest 14 days. It don’t even take that long to process a payment. I will be appreciate if someone that handles complaints contact me verse me keep getting a sales rep that is just reading a script and not caring about the issue on hand."

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