• 27th Jan, 2019

Scammer on x box live

  • Report #5YD4Q
  • Reporter INGABLETHE

This gamer on Xbox live was trying to get me to give him information about my children and asking me where I live at my home address. He was also asking me details to do with my credit card details he said it was for a survey but considering my young daughter also uses my account on x box I saw this as a close call and thought I should name and shame his gamertag on here it’s madden77270


this person really is a nasty piece of work he even went as far as to start bragging when I threatened him with this kind of enforcement action he was taunting saying no one really cares and no one will find me on your stupid whistle blower websites. I assured him that he would see some results from this and have to change his ways.

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