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  • 10th Mar, 2019

Shattered Side Window From Overfilled Unsecured Rock Load

  • Report #5YCVQ
  • Reporter FERITANIAN

I left a message last Tuesday 5/17/16 and received a call back from Corey regarding my incident that occurred on this day at approximately 5:15am. However, I did not receive a return call as I was promised. As I was on my way to work and merging onto the 15 North from the 91 West, I ended up behind one of your trucks. The truck was carrying very large rocks and had 2 trailers. Both trailers had covers which were pulled forward leaving the rocks uncovered.

Instantly, I backed off and slowed to about 40mph as I do not like driving behind trucks. However, your truck had rocks flying out of the back trailer. As I swerved to try to avoid being hit by these rocks, I was hit by approximately 10 of them. I swerved to the right as did a Toyota Tacoma and Hyundai Elantra to try to avoid being hit. One rock slammed into my 2014 Hyundai Sonata and I could not see where it hit as it was dark. The rock appeared white in color and it hit my vehicle very hard.

I exited Hidden Valley Parkway as did your truck driver which is when I grabbed the name off the door of your truck. Your truck was dark blue or gray. As soon as I made the turn, my back drivers side window completely shattered. I had glass all over my vehicle.

I instantly called CHP and your office. Corey advised he would call me back and take care of this, but he did not. The total in damages to my vehicle was $200.00. My insurance said to speak with your company first. I have already had my vehicle repaired by Wisefly Autoglass in Norco.

Please reimburse me $200.00 for the damage your truck caused to my vehicle. NOTE: THE ROCKS DID NOT COME FROM THE ROAD. THEY WERE EJECTED FROM YOUR TRAILER. I also have a witness to this.

Please let me know when you will be reimbursing me. I expect your company will do the right thing and handle this matter expediently.

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